Il Fagiolo

To see it makes you think you have gone back in time to a Veneto where, with its solid values of a warm welcome and friendly atmosphere, the social meeting places were the inns or hostelries.

The interior is in fact rustic and welcoming. This is il Fagiolo, a charming restaurant on the famous Via Bafile, not far from Piazza Brescia. The seating for seventy in the dining room can be expanded with a further 40 places on the veranda looking out on the avenue. Here you can enjoy classic dishes from the Veneto tradition.

The seafood choices are characterised by modern interpretative flair. Cuisine with an international flavour. And also home-style cooking with freshly caught fish and marinated fish well matched with seasonal greens. Not to mention pizza, made exclusively with organic flour and fresh ingredients of the highest quality. The pastry selection, all exclusively homemade, is well worth a mention.

The house wines are part of the riches of the local territory, with labels from the Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli.