Jesolo Ambient Bike

This is Jesolo Ambient Bike, a guide to discover over 150 km of cycle tracks in the city of Jesolo. 6 routes designed and created with Jesolo Patrimonio to offer something more for tourists and give everyone who loves bike riding the chance to discover Jesolo and the local area, surrounded by nature. The project is part of the Veneto Excursion Network development programme and the routes are well-marked with signs, that follow Veneto Region guidelines. The signs have a dual function: orienting tourists along the route and promoting the initiative. Jesolo is a city with a human dimension and travelling around it by bike is today even more exciting than ever, thanks to a network of over 150 km of cycle tracks to guide tourists on a discovery of the local environment and its features. Moreover, cycling is environmentally-friendly and helps make Jesolo even more liveable and cleaner.

This is a simple guide to present the 6 cycle tracks that cross the whole of the Jesolo area. By bike you can reach splendid agriturismo farm accommodation structures and farms across the whole Jesolo area. It is a way to enjoy great food and encounter typical organic produce grown directly by local producers. A way to discover or rediscover the city with safe new routes to ride every day. What could be better than a relaxing, healthy bike ride? The Orange Route The borders of the municipality of Jesolo are largely marked by two rivers: the Sile and the Piave. The route follows both banks of the River Sile and is completely on a dirt road. If you follow the left bank you pass the Golf Club near piazza Mazzini and, later, the famous racehorse breeding centre. Following the right bank gives you the feeling of being between the river and the lagoon. It is an enchanting landscape and perhaps Jesolo’s most classic nature track. The Pink Route This begins in Cortellazzo, also known as the fishermen’s village, near the mouth of the Piave. From here it follows the river along its left bank on a dirt path that is cool and shady, even on hot Summer days, until it reaches the North-Western border of Jesolo, an area that is still mainly agricultural and that preserves precious historical testimony. It is extremely characteristic and peaceful, amongst orchards, vines and open horizons. The Green Route This is certainly the most panoramic route, where nature dominates. Via Drago in Jesolo leads to the Caligo Tower area, where a dirt trail begins and winds into the Venice lagoon area. There are many animal and plant species to observe and photograph, right up to Lio Maggiore. The route continues along the banks and bends of the River Sile. There are lots of osterie along the route that are excellent places for lunch and for tasting local products (like wines and cold meats). In the Santa Maria di Piave area there is an alternative 8 km route that links the green route to the pink route (for those who want a slightly more challenging trail). The Blue Route This route runs along a long part of cycle track, from the centre of Jesolo to Ca’ Fornera, to then enter the vast countryside in the North-Eastern area of Jesolo. It is the ideal path for cycling slowly and for spending a couple of hours of relaxation and peace.

There is also a more challenging route that connects to the Pink Route. The Red Route Starting from piazza Brescia, the route follows a tree-lined cycle path to the centre of Jesolo. From here it winds through a peaceful, panoramic area, along tarmac roads through little urban centres. Green is the main colour, especially along viale del Cigno Bianco, the Art Walls area. Discover this area and the frescoed houses while losing yourself in the little paths of Villaggio Pineta. The Red Route joins the Blue Route in the centre of Jesolo and the Pink Route in Cortellazzo. The Yellow Route This entire route through the city gives you an overall idea of the whole of Jesolo Lido. From the lighthouse to Piazza Manzoni, through piazza Marina (Aqualandia), piazza Aurora (the amphitheatre), the lively central piazza Mazzini (Torre Aquileia by Carlos Ferrater), the brand new piazza Brescia (Palazzo del Turismo) to the peaceful piazza Marconi, the setting for musical evenings and arts events. It then continues on to Cortellazzo, crossing the last part of the pine forest. It is a great route for planning your shopping or evenings but is to be avoided on Saturday and Sunday as there is a lot of traffic. The Yellow Route joins the Orange Route in piazza Nember.