La Floridita

It’s time for pre-dinner drinks, so what shall we do? That‘s easy, Floridita!

A stone’s throw from the recently renovated Piazza Marconi, the bar that sums up Jesolo’s “way of drink” is expecting you. A spritz is a must, in all dimensions of time, space and spirit.

There’s no variation not provided by the skilful barmen ready to serve thirst quenching drinks in record time, glasses of the best Italian wine or a trendy mojito, ice cold and fragrant, prepared in no time with leaves of fresh mint from the Milky Way. And the food section?

Wraps, mini pizzas, warm sandwiches and hot dogs served with sauces, onion and chips will make your mouth water. And to finish off? One of the sixty select rums that include special reserves such as the Demerara “El Dorado” (12, 15 and 21 years). So, shall we pop to La Floridita or not?