Marina Club

At Marina Club having fun is a must. The unrivalled masters of nights out in Jesolo, the regulars of one of the most prestigious and popular bars on the Adriatic coast, know exactly what they are looking for and are sure of what they will find. Marina Club is not a bar, it is “the” bar, for an elegant but, at the same time, informal evening out.

The rule is: wearing the trendiest clothes, revealing a really glamorous spirit and letting yourself go in the refined and fashionable atmosphere of Marina Club‘s contemporary lifestyle.

It is a disco bar but that’s not all... it also has an exclusive restaurant with a well-stocked wine cellar. The garden surrounding Marina Club is a very pure garden of Eden for the meeting of a lifetime between one drink and the next. Rich in events, the Marina Club season enjoys the evenings under the star sign of social life. Enjoy! It’s Marina time!