The brand is in itself an assurance… of professionalism, of careful choice, of produce, of variety in the menus on offer and of extraordinary value for money.

But McDonald’s of Jesolo is even more so. It is no coincidence that it has enjoyed huge success from its opening. Because it is sited close to the Laguna Shopping Centre and Sea Life, a short distance from Piazza Brescia, and is today one of the most modern McDonald’s in the Veneto.

Open every day until late at night in the summer, with 400 seats, Drive-In and Mc Cafè, it immediately became a magnet for clubbers, before and after the disco.
And from the first to the last minute, it guarantees the same high quality and level of service. With a keen eye on the social side of things.

A promotional campaign was launched on 1st June: from midnight onwards, McDonald’s will give away a free coffee to anyone who asks. In this way it can make a contribution to increased safety on the roads.