Murano is one of the loveliest and most attractive islands on the Venice Lagoon, not far from Jesolo and is also the guardian of a precious, millennia-old tradition: the art of glass making. Its secrets and special techniques, unique worldwide, have been carefully handed down from father to son through the centuries and still live on today in the extraordinary skill of the few master glass makers who work entirely by hand, using only fire, the expertise of their hands and their breath. Fortunately, there are still a large number of glassworks in Murano, where expert master glassmakers create any type of glass object, with the most imaginative shapes and dazzling colours. Murano is also known as the island of fire because here, from the 13th century onwards, all the glassworks of Venice were concentrated in order to avoid the risk of fire and to scrupulously preserve knowledge and original working methods.

The island therefore became the glass-making centre of the world and Venetian merchants set out from here on their journey with objects of all shapes and kinds of decorations, taking Venetian art worldwide. One of the most exciting experiences that you can have in Venice is to visit the workshops of these extremely able craftsmen who blow glass, like La Vetreria Artistica Emmedue. Despite the youth of its founders, it is made up of craftmen with a thirty years experience in the most prestigious glassworks on the islands. Glass blowing is not something you can improvise and, as in an ancient Medieval workshop, youngsters can only learn the techniques and art from old masters, with the humility that is a necessary trait for anyone who wants to be part of the magical world of glass making. All products from La Vetreria Artistica Emmedue come from its glassworks in Murano, where masters shape the incandescent material, giving it elegance, style and colour. The Venetian masters shape the glass with only a few tools, like hammers, pliers and tubes, used to blow and give it a form. The roots of Venetian tradition lie in its creativity, in its ability to exalt the ductility of glass, which is unlike any other material. A master glassmaker gives free reign to his imagination, blowing and forging glass by hand. All of the ‘blown’ objects The Island of Glass just a short distance from Jesolo : Murano and the marvellous art of glass making. The wonder of blown glass from Murano has no equal anywhere else in the world. Use Jesolo as a base to discover the incredible glassworks on the island and the elegant creations of master glassmakers. Information and overview of the city Not just a beach: sport and entertainment Jesolo’s nightlife: discos and clubs Eating out in Jesolo: restaurants and pizzerias. The result also depends on improvisation, on the skill of the artisan and the temperature of the glass mixture. This is why no two objects are the same and each piece acquires value over time, because it is unique and extraordinary.

Many years of experience in creating various types of glass make Emmedue one of the most important companies in Murano glass-making. It’s output is entirely handmade and ranges from blown-glass goblets to museum reproductions - faithful reproductions of items that represent the 1000 year old history of Murano glass. The glassworks also produces bottles, carafes, cups and candelabras, in a triumph of reflections, transparency and decorations. There are numerous glass retailers in Venice and on the mainland, but to be certain that you have purchased real Murano glass you should check the trademark guarantee. You can also buy directly from the Murano glassworks. Almost all have their own showroom, where you can admire and purchase glass products by the master craftsmen you have seen at work.